Voyager Elite Force Linux Server Stuff

Gzipped tarball with everything but your .pk3 files
Danger City pk3 file
Area 51 pk3 file
Angel City pk3 file

This zip file contains these files:

linuxstvefded_1.2-glibc2.1.3 - The linux server binary
baseEF/server.cfg - Example configuration file
start - Script used to start it
rc - Script for local console to server - can change gravity, etc
rc.real - Binary that 'rc' script calls
rc.c - Source code to rc.real


  • Make a directory named /usr/local/games/stvef

  • Chown it to a non-root user. In my examples, I'll use brad.users.

  • Login as that user, and go to /usr/local/games/stvef.

  • Untar the file. tar xvzf /path_to_stvef.tgz

  • Edit the baseEF/server.cfg file and replace 'yourpassword' with the rcon password you want to use.

  • Edit the rc script and replace 'yourpassword' with the password you chose in the previous step.

  • Copy your pak*.pk3 files to the baseEF directory, and any other .pk3 files you're interested in. Just ftp the files from your Windows box -- c:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\baseEF to /usr/local/games/stvef/baseEF. Be careful not to copy over too many custom .pk3 files -- your server might become confused and crash (it happened to me). Just use the pak*.pk3 files and a few choice ones.

  • Run the start script.

  • Enjoy!